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Seven Chakra Candles - Rose

The Seven Chakra candles, all carefully chosen with Seven amazing scents, all in aid to help you on your Chakra Awakening Journey. Our beautiful candles can be used in your yoga practice, mediation, or chakra healing. The seven candles are made with different blends of oils, colours, and represent each individual chakra to help guide any blockages in each chakra energy. 

Crown Chakra (light Pink candle) – The crown chakra symbolises enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, Energy and Perfection. The scent has been carefully blended to a subtle sweet smell of a Lotus Flower, when burning it can help along your journey of depression, lack of will, detachment, headaches and mental disorders. 

Throat Chakra (light Blue candle)– The Throat chakra symbolises communication, expression and guidance. The scent is the soft natural smell of a eucalyptus plant, this candle is a known aider with overcoming shyness, helping to express yourself and communicate clearly with peers. 

Heart Chakra (Green candle) – The centre of all the chakras, the heart chakra is the link between the lower three and higher three chakras, it is known for love, compassion, consciousness, and balance. The candle is scented to be Jasmine, which is known to help alleviate street, anxiety and help the body unwind, also aiding in relationship problems, heart and chest problems, and respiratory.

Sacral Chakra (Orange candle) – The second chakra within the body, the centre of sexual energy, creativity, reproduction and desire. This scent is beautifully fragrant, with a sweet, and slightly floral scent. When lit, it can help with boosting moods, lowering blood pressure, improving flow of vital energy within the body, and helping you to become more persuasive and happier. 

Third Eye (Purple candle) -The Third Eye Chakra is located in your forehead, and it is related to spiritual awareness, Psychic Power, Intuition, Light and Concentration. The scent for this candle is Lavender, helping with migraines, depression, anxieties, phobias, and any problems with sinuses. 

Root Chakra (Red candle) – The root chakra is the base of the entire chakra system, with this chakra imbalanced you are likely to have problems such as depression, no motivation, fears, negative self-image, circulation and digestion problems. Once unblocked this chakra, it can help supply energy to the body and spirit, replenishing life, stability, grounding, physical energy, and security. The carefully chosen scent in a soft flower Rose, helping with anxiety, relieving stress, relaxing the body and mind. 

Solar Plexus (Yellow candle) – This Chakra is the power of life throughout your body, located in the centre of the rib cage. Once lit it can help you with your journey with stress, uncontrolled emotions, aggression, sleeping, and indegestion problems. This candle is scented in a citrus Lemon, a natural mood-enhancer, and energising.


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