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Nutty Spod Mix Jar

Bait-Tech Nutty Spod Mix 2.5L Jar, Nutty Spod Mix is new to the range of Jars. The unique cooking process retains all of the essential oils and natural attractants that are so appealing to fish and with NO PRESERVATIVES makes for a truly wonderful ready to use bait.

This spod mix contains crushed tigers and peanuts and with added Tiger Nut meal to give this mix a cloud. 

Spodding The Nutty spod mix is a brilliant bait for attracting and holding shoals of carp. 

Carp will literally graze over a large bed of the mix sized particles. The addition of the nutmeal adds greater attraction as the cloud it creates draws carp into the area. Margin Feed One of the best ways to the Nutty spod is by using a bait spoon. This allows you to accurately feed tight patches of bait in the margins. When conditions allow use a heavy flat lead and a short hook link over the baited spot it will fool even the wisest carp. A great hookbait to fish over the mix sized nutty particles would be a balanced Tiger nut or a trimmed down Triple-N boilie hookbait.


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