Alan Blair talks Winter Carp Fishing Tips in recent NASH video.

Alan Blair passes on some great Carp fishing tips to help anglers keep the bites coming in when fishing cold waters in a recent NASH video which you can watch below.

Although he says there are many things you can do when the weather gets colder like wrapping up warmer or fishing for shorter sessions, there are plenty of bait tips to attract those Carp and keep the bites coming.

Top Carp Fishing Tips

When the waters are colder, Carp become lethargic and slow down, they might group up together and as Alan says, “they won’t be using the whole lake”, and they might go into boltholes such as dense weeds or deep in snags.  Anglers should pay attention to where the fish are so have a good look before setting up.

Changing Bait Tactics

Alan explains that as well as becoming more lethargic Carp will lose some of their senses such as sight and taste so anglers might want to consider changing their tactics with tackle but most importantly changing their bait tactics.  He warns anglers not to over feed the swim, Carp can’t feed & digest in cold water as well as they can in the warmer months.

About the NASH  Citruz Bait Range

He suggests using the NASH BAIT CITRUZ range.  Its full of vitamins & aminos and its water soluble adding to attraction in colder waters and easily digestible.  The bright white and pink colours add extra attraction for those short sighted carp.


How to fish with Citruz Baits

Using tackle in much the same way, Alan tends to drop his hook bait down from 15/18mm to 10/12mm and feed very small handfuls on areas containing Citruz pellet, Citruz Flake and maybe a few bottom baits.  He suggests you can use a small PVA solid bag too before water temperatures plummet too much!

In really cold waters Alan uses a straight lure approach with loads of flavour and attraction, creating a really visual display.  A single pop-up heavily soaked in Citruz Plume Juice or maybe a Citruz Cultured Pop-up or a short Zig Rig.

How to use NASH Citruz Plume Juice – Carp Fishing Tips

Citruz Plume juice was tested over 2 years and combines Nash Bait’s Tangerine Oil and the Citruz boilie flavour blend.  It creates a halo around the hook bait with the tangerine oil sending attraction up through the layers towards your hook bait.

Alan advises to use Citruz Plume juice, simply add doses to your Citruz Pop-up Tub and give it a shake, leave it for a week or so then add some more, “you can’t over flavour hook baits”.  This will give the hookbait maximum attraction.  You can also punch the plume juice nozzle into the side of a solid PVA bag and squeeze into the contents for added attraction.

An alternative Citruz Concentrate contains the stunning fruit ester and essential oil attractor package used in Nashbait’s Citruz pop ups – boosting hookbaits and free offerings instantly. Can be used to boost almost any bait – from maggots, pellets and plastic baits.

Citruz Concentrate has proven remarkably effective overspraying other pop ups – try it on Instant Action Coconut Crème!

Alan also utilises the Citruz Fizzing Stick mix a lot using, “tiny little sticks attached to a Fang Gyro Rig”, or a bottom rig.  This adds huge attraction with fizzing and popping through the layers. 

Alan kept an eye on his spot, feeding very small handfuls of bait every hour and produced a beautiful Mirror at the end of his session.

Citruz Boilies (

Watch the full video here…